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for Farmers

how it workS

We work with locals

Local Farmers call us and make appointments for their butcher spots in advance. *Please do not bring in any livestock without an appointment or confirmation from us.

We butcher your livestock and hanging weights are available by the end of the day. Most farmers are paid by their customers based on their livestock's hanging weights. You communicate with your customers what they owe you for raising the livestock for them. We apologize, we do not collect your fees for raising your customer's animals. We also will do our best to accommodate holding meat orders if you are awaiting payment... but that too can be time consuming and does deviate from how we normally do things.  Please be specific to your customers in your expectations of how they will pay you, BEFORE it becomes an issue.  Our freezers are very full during our fall season and ask that orders are picked up within two weeks of notification.  They are aware that there can be a charge if it is not. That includes the time that you may hold the order as well.

They pay us directly for their custom processing order. They can fill out the online form with their custom cutting instructions and then we invoice them for butchering it to their specifications. We are happy to accommodate the vast majority requests, large & small! 

Most frequently we work with cattle and hogs. Cattle can be processed in wholes, halves or quarters. Hogs can be processed in wholes or halves. We appreciate having your customer's names and contact information at delivery of your animals or shortly thereafter. Our information regarding ordering is very specific as to the urgency of getting these cutting orders in a timely fashion.  It is your job to direct them here to where they can fulfill their end of the process!


*It is very important that we have their cut sheet in hand BEFORE your animal is due to cut.  This is CRUCIAL to keep our schedule running smoothly.  Animals are brought in and hung in first come first served fashion.  If animals are not done in order and need to be side railed as we wait for instructions, there may be an additional handling fee.  It is imperative that we all work together to ensure a smooth process as your customer's product depends on it! Thank you in advance for your attention and understanding in this important piece to the success of your customer's happiness.


We have a NEW ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM for your customers! Please give them our website address and direct them to our online ordering tab. We make sure to ask who their farmer is and confirm that with the information you provide to us before we start cutting. 


The step by step questionnaire/ online ordering process is also very educational. It will help them understand the different options and also note all of the *standard* cuts so that if it's their first time, they'll be able to order with ease! It also includes the price per pound for different specialty processing/packaging options. 

Once we get the hanging weight and process their portion... we will send them an ONLINE INVOICE with their total. An itemized bill will be easy to see the breakdown of the different prices if they ordered items or services that differ from standard processing .

We ask that they pay for their processing BEFORE picking up their meat if someone is picking up their meat other than themselves.  Maybe you offer delivery as well.  This allows them to satisfy their invoice so that you don't need to when picking up the order. Another welcomed option is walking into the shop to pay when they pick up (cards or cash, no checks). The electronic invoice gives them information regarding their order such as its completion, what the bill is, and what our hours are. It is a tool that allows them the convenience to pay when they choose and saves us the time of calling each person and playing "phone tag" as we share information back and forth. That tool frees up our valuable time and allows us to focus on providing the absolute best processing! thank you for encouraging your customers to work with our new automated system.  We will always take time to educate, answer questions and help your customers should they need anything during this process with a simple phone call. No question is ignored. 

Thank you for trusting us to provide the absolute best service to your customers! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and them! We know it all begins with you, and for that we are grateful!




                                         THIS SECTION IS FOR YOUR FARMER. 


The take-home

Your customers will be happy with the livestock you've raised for them & we've processed for them! The processing & educational tips throughout will keep them coming back year after year. 

We are happy to work with our local farmers and look forward to serving your customers with the same care that you do!!

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