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Smoked Ham


ORDERING YOUR CUSTOM Processing has never been easier

what we offer

We work with local farmers who bring their livestock to our shop. 

We get a phone call from your farmer and they tell us what portions are going to whom, giving us your contact info. They will send you information to our online processing form!

We ask you to send in your cut sheet as soon as you are able, before your animal is scheduled to be processed.

It is SO important to have the instructions when we're ready to process that animal *If we don't have your cut sheet by the time the animal is to be cut, there may be a $25 charge added to your processing total. Everything runs on a schedule and when critters are ready to cut, they just need to be.  First in, first out. If we need to stop production to search out instructions...everything stops.  Please help us keep the process going smoothly.  Many times, there is a good week that your animal is hanging, there's really no reason we cant get instructions ready...especially now when you can submit them HERE and on your OWN time, at your own CONVENIENCE! Thank you again, in advance, for your help. We can't wait for you to get your quality meat back to you for your family to enjoy!!


We are happy to answer your questions and help explain different cuts. Below are a list of basic prices and the services we offer. Please don't hesitate to reach out, we are happy to help!


Processed in wholes, halves, & quarters. 

The majority of the cuts do not cost extra. Slaughter, custom processing of miscellaneous cuts, and grinding of burger doesn't cost extra. It's all included. Simply, take your hanging weight provided from your farmer and multiply by the cost per pound.

There are additional fees for some processing options. For example, we can do things for you like make burger patties or prepare sausage from your trim (please be prepared for additional time to make these items and understand that they may not always be available due to time constraints). Services that require additional labor or packaging that deviate from standard processing cost extra. All prices are listed in the online order form so that you are completely aware. No surprises here! We all like to know what we can expect. Thank you!


Processed in wholes & halves.

The majority of the cuts do not cost extra. Roasts, chops, ribs, etc. We will get specific instructions for the thickness of your chops, how many you want in each package, etc. in addition to many other specs for your whole or half pig.

There are additional fees for some processing options. For example, we can do things for you like make sausage out of your ground pork, you can choose to get boneless cuts, or we can also smoke your hams and bacon. All prices are listed in the online order form.  We thank you for your understanding when it comes to additional charges for items that require additional labor, packaging, or supplies.


Processed in wholes & halves.


We charge a standard processing rate of $120 for a whole goat or lamb. A standard processing rate of $65 for a half of a goat or lamb.

The majority of the cuts do not cost extra. There are some additional processing options that do cost extra, for example smoking your leg of lamb or seasoning your ground meat into sausage. All of the prices are listed in the online order form. We thank you for understanding.


We take a variety of wild game species' trim including venison, moose, elk, and bear. We are happy to take your wild game with your licensing regarding the harvest.

We need your tag and confirmation that you harvested the animal. Unfortunately, if you're unable to present the licensing we will not be able to assist you. 

Whole carcasses may or may not be an option for the 2022 season.  If it is, it certainly will be limited. Call in advance to confirm we have availability, BEFORE you bring your harvest into the shop. (320) 968-7218.  We apologize for the uncertainty at this point.

Generally speaking, we accept boneless trim year round.  It however, could take some time to process depending on the time of year.  We appreciate your understanding. 

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